On Orphan Sunday, we remember the Bible’s command to care for orphans. As we approach the Christmas season, Memphis Family Connection Center (MFCC) offers one way for you to make a child’s Christmas brighter. Since 2010 MFCC has sponsored “Red Tub Day” to ease the financial burden for foster families by providing Christmas gifts for children at risk and in foster care. Last year, MFCC was able to provide more than 500 red tubs.

Here are just two examples of the impact of red tubs:

“Being a foster parent, we were placed with a sibling group of three in November, and there was no way we could have provided for all of them without the generous donations of others. It was such a blessing to see those children open those gifts on Christmas, and it helped ease a little of their pain and loss, if even only for one day.”

“I am overwhelmed to tears by the warmth and thoughtfulness put into each of the tubs of gifts… My heart is overwhelmed and so full of gratitude as I peek into the tubs of presents and see that the children I love are loved by others too who may not even know them at all. What a beautiful picture of God’s grace and His family!”

YOU can help TODAY!

Stop at one of the tables outside the the Sanctuary, Seabrook Hall or Wilson Chapel on Sunday to get a tub. Fill it with gifts equal to $125 and bring it back by December 3 along with a $125 donation to MFCC to provide counseling, support and training for local foster and adoptive families. Every tub comes with a brief bio with info about the child you are buying for (age, gender, gift preferences, etc.). You can join in with friends in your Sunday school class or Bible study groups to fill a tub, or you are welcome to make a financial gift to help offset the cost of a tub.

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