Reagan Daniels is the new worship leader for The Table and Student Ministry, but he is also a songwriter. He recently put the finishing touches on a song called Fight for Me,” which is due to be released next Monday, Sept. 10, on every digital platform where music is available.

The song itself intentionally addresses issues of mental health and suicide—two topics that our church has put a lot of focus on in the recent months and years through our No Whispers Initiative. If you are in Memphis, know that Christ Church is here for you. Our No Whispers Initiative was created believing that “In church, no one should have to whisper about their struggles.” Yet, we know that is often the case. If you would like to talk with someone or be a part of this effort, call Rev. Jesse Johnson, No Whispers Director, at (901) 261-2113.

September 10, the release date, is World Suicide Prevention Day, and Reagan is releasing the song on that day to encourage the hearts of those fighting through these issues.

“I feel like a lot of times in our churches and our Christian communities, we’ve kind of created this stigma around mental health that keeps people from coming to us and trying to find refuge in the church,” Reagan said. “This year we wanted to try to bring awareness and shine a light on this thing that seems to plague our society in a silent way but kind of seems to creep in unnoticed a lot of times.”

Reagan said the song comes from a place in Scripture where he thinks a lot of people who are struggling with mental health issues—such as depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts—find themselves. In Exodus 14, the Israelites found themselves in these same types of situations when running from the Egyptian army.

“It seems like they’re in this place of absolute utter hopelessness. A lot of people who are struggling with these things, that’s where they find themselves. They find themselves in this place of absolute hopelessness where it seems like the only way out—the only escape—is death,” he said. “In this moment, there’s this really cool thing that happens. God speaks to His people. In Exodus 14:14, it says, ‘The Lord your God will fight for you; you need only be still.’”

Reagan’s song has gotten some attention from people in the music world, and he was asked to record an interview about his heart for the subject and his thought process in writing it. Watch that interview and hear the heart behind the song:

Reagan hopes people are encouraged in three ways through this song:

People who find themselves in that place: “There is hope, and your story matters. God is going to bring healing to you some way. The beautiful part is that when that happens, your story will have an impact on somebody else.”

People who are part of a family or group that has experienced the unfortunate tragedy of losing someone to suicide: “We want to encourage you that there is hope for you as well. There is freedom. There is victory over that grief, and there is healing that comes through that.”

People who are part of a church or a Christian community: “We want to encourage you to have an open conversation around these things. Don’t let this be the silent killer in your community. Let this be something that allows you to sit with these people who are struggling, to give them a place of hope and a place of healing and a refuge from these things that seem to creep into their life so unexpectedly.”

All of the proceeds from the song are going back to Vine Worship Initiative, a group started by Reagan and other talented artists who are committed to investing in the next generation of Kingdom leaders.

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