Guest post by Jan Ferguson, Financial Secretary, HR Coordinator & Accounting Specialist

NOTE: Now that the church staff is working from home and not at 4488 Poplar, we asked several of them to answer this question: How are you quarantining? We will share responses from them in the days ahead. 

The pic below is of my new “office;” it’s actually our dining room table that we only use a few times a year!

I still set my alarm for 6:15 a.m. and have my first cup of coffee before 7:10. Our doctor daughter leaves for work about 7:50, and I try to be dressed for the day by 8-ish.

Thanks to technology, I have access to my office computer and all of my files. I brought home stacks of things to do, get caught up on and get ahead where I can. Both weekly and semimonthly payrolls have to be processed and submitted with all of the reports to generate after each payroll run. There are always emails to answer, and a few members still need their 2019 contribution statements for their taxes.

I miss seeing my friends and coworkers. My husband said a couple of weeks ago that being quarantined would give me an idea of what future retirement might look like. I think it’s the knowing in the back of my head that I shouldn’t go out that makes it a bit weird.

I talked with Sherry Hill a few times and Jay Phebus. I called Shirley Sankey yesterday just to check in with her. She and I have emailed quite a lot. My four-legged coworker Lucy does not have the same schedule I have, and she doesn’t talk a lot. She seems to nap her day away!

One of the facilities guys called me yesterday just to check in; that meant a lot. I try to not listen to too much news on the television, and I’m very careful if I venture out of the house. My age and pre-existing health issues from stage 3 kidney disease have me in the “vulnerable” category, so I will have very limited, if at all, time on the church campus. I do go out once a week and check on a family member who needs attention. I put on my mask and gloves and don’t stay but a minute. I’m sure there are a lot of people and families that are having a much harder time than I am.

With the extension of the stay at home order at least until the end of April, my first thoughts are: 1) I can do this. 2) I am not in control of this, God is. 3) I will do the best I can for my family and the church while I’m here.

We will all get through this—one day at a time, one or two or three dog walks at a time!

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