A group of 45 from Christ Church has just begun their work at YUGO Ministries in Mexico.

They are serving at the Ensenada Outreach Center and are working for the betterment of the local community by building four houses during the course of the week.

Their attention will focus on four local families. Three families have both a father and mother: one with four children ages 2 to 12, one with four children ages 7 to 13 and one with 18-month-old twins. The fourth family is a single mother with three young children ages 7 and under.

Let’s keep these families in our prayers along with the Christ Church team.

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Ginna Tillman sent this update upon her arrival:

We made it! We arrived in Ensenada, Mexico Sunday at 5:00. Our four building teams met with the families they will be building for this week.

Our group will be living in community with two others. One is from Grace Point Church in Berkeley, California. It is a a group of college students and their outreach ministry to college campuses in Berkeley. The other group is from Northwest Church in Columbus, Ohio, with students from Columbus and inner-city youth from Washington, D.C., that Northwest ministers to each year.

We are in total a camp of around 100 with great diversity. What a beautiful picture of heaven!

We all arrive in Ensenada from different areas to share a common goal: to love the people of Mexico. Please pray for all of our teams to be Salt & Light to Mexico this week. Pray for safety while building, for no sickness and for availability to be God’s hands & feet to share God’s love freely.

She has sent in this update as the trip has concluded:

Good Morning from Ensenada! We share greetings with you from the Church in Ensenada and Pastor Joel. We had the opportunity to go to church in the community we are building in and worship with our families last night. It is always a moving spirit filled service. There is so much gratitude and love coming from the people and from our team.

We have a friend named Roberto that joins us to translate. Although we don’t understand one another we still know what each other is saying. We are also reminded that God knows everything all of us are saying. Our songs are the same, our prayers are the same, only our language is different.

We had a team member share a word of testimony and then Ty Garvey and Sarah Tillman shared some music with the congregation. We also had a chance to visit with the families we built for last year. What a blessing to see how the children had grown, how the adults were smiling and speaking of what their homes had meant in their lives and how Good God is!

Today is our final work day. It is always bittersweet because we are happy to be delivering a home but sad that our time with our new friends is almost over. I love watching new team members stand in awe that they could complete a home in four days. It is truly a gift that we can share God’s love in such a tangible way that has so much impact in a person’s life.

Please pray for all the teams today that God will give us extra strength and energy to persevere and finish on time for the Dedication Service. We are truly blessed to be a blessing.

You can also follow Dutch VanDuzee’s blog posts about the trip at dutchvanduzee.blogspot.com.

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