Athletics takes summer sports camp fun to Binghampton

(NOTE: This guest post and request for prayer & volunteers is from our CUMC Athletics Director Jan Averwater.)

This week Athletics is not only bringing East High football team, coaches and families to the CUMC campus for the Jim Roper FCA Camp, but we are also going to East High to provide a community-wide sports camp opportunity. Please pray for the camp leaders and volunteers, but most of all the children that attend camp. Our prayer is that they know their worth is not based on their abilities on a court or field, but that they are special as children of God, that Jesus Christ gave his life for each one of them. Pray they stay safe and have fun as we bring the sports to the community. Many do not have the resources to attend sports camps across the city. We are partnering with East High, Memphis Amateur Sports Hall of Fame members and the City of Memphis Department of Parks and Neighborhoods – which includes Lester Community Center.

There are 25 children from CUMC participating in the camp, and walk-up registration is available to kids in the community who can attend for free. We do need more volunteers – we can never have too many! If you have family members or know of teens who need service hours, please invite them to join us: Tuesday, softball & baseball; Wednesday, volleyball, basketball, dodgeball & golf, and Thursday, track & field.The coaches are lined up, but we need Shepherds to build relationships and to escourt the groups from ne activity to another. Find us on the East High field, between the hours of 9 – Noon. East High is located between Walnut Grove and Polar at Holmes, just east of the public library.

For more information, contact Jan at 389-8990.

Athletics staff

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