“Justice, only justice, you shall pursue.” Deuteronomy 16:20

Throughout the entirety of the Scriptures, and especially in the person of Jesus, we encounter a God who promises that all things that are wrong in our world will one day be set right.

As those created to reflect the image of God in the world and to act as the body of Christ, the pursuit of justice is an essential part of following Jesus.Young Faces of Sudan

While we may remain content with the apparent lack of injustice in our own lives in our corner of the world, God cares about justice and peace for the whole earth and for all people.

We at Christ Church are a body of Jesus followers who are committed to God’s justice both in our proclamation and in our practice.

This commitment to center our lives together around the anticipation of God acting in us and through us for the sake of the work he longs to do in the world is evident through our everyday engagement in the city of Memphis.

We were also pleased to host The Justice Conference Memphis earlier this year, where we learned more about God’s work among his people for the sake of justice and peace around the whole world.

Young Faces of SudanThroughout the planning and hosting of the conference, the Memphis-based organization Operation Broken Silence was a consistent and eager partner with Christ Church in bringing awareness to Christians about the severe injustices in our world that we are all meant to respond to.

Operation Broken Silence itself focuses its work on raising awareness of and taking action to address the horrible genocide and war crimes currently taking place between the recently-divided nations of North and South Sudan.

Since this conflict has been ongoing for years now, it is often neglected by the news outlets. But if you do any amount of research, you are bound to be shocked by how atrocious the human rights violations actually are.

Since The Justice Conference Memphis, the relationship Christ Church and Operation Broken Silence has developed into what could become a true partnership through our Serving & Outreach ministry.

But this relationship and the support that we can provide to Operation Broken Silence as we join them in their mission can only happen through your enthusiasm and your response.

There’s an important event coming up soon that you are invited to in order to find out more about Operation Broken Silence:

A Pre-Screening of Operation Broken Silence’s new documentary film:

Lost Generation of Sudan

This is Operation Broken Silence’s third documentary film.

It examines the crisis in Sudan through the eyes of the war’s youngest victims.

While the crisis may be worsening by the day, it is the country’s war orphans who can return hope to the equation.

This film is about their story.

  • Saturday, December 6
  • 7:00 to 8:30 pm
  • The Salvation Army Kroc Center (800 E Pkwy S)
  • Register here.

I hope to see you there!

Pre-Screening Event

Be sure to visit operationbrokensilence.org to find out more about the injustice in Sudan, and to discover how you should support the mission of Operation Broken Silence.


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