Though we recently observed Orphan Sunday as we stepped into November focusing on issues related to Orphan Care at Christ Church (including the first-time display of the Heart Gallery of Tennessee), the ways that we extend DCS Christmas PartyGod’s love and compassion for children without parents happen year-round.

One of the most important connections that we hold with our Orphan Care collaboration with a number of Memphis churches is our relationship with the Tennessee Department of Children Services.

Not only were the kids featured in the Heart Gallery available for adoption from within DCS, but also, this has been the second year that Christ Church has participated in the truly amazing Christmas party that our collaborative churches have provided for DCS children the last three years.

DCS Christmas PartyOn Saturday, December 13, 254 children representing 187 foster families felt the love of Jesus in holiday festivities of all sorts across the campus of the Church of Christ at White Station.

Hands, feet, and hearts belonging to approximately 140 people from seven other churches showed up to serve. Thanks to Fellowship Memphis, Church of Christ at White Station, Second Presbyterian Church, Mercy Hill, Germantown Church of Christ, Sycamore View Church of Christ, and Hernando Church of Christ.

From Christ Church, Laura Greenwell and her daughter Samantha, Mike and Marcy Fitzpatrick and their children Colin, Hanna, and Bontu, Stan and Will Harding and Julie Vukadinovich showed up to help make the party a success, the Busy Mom’s small group, Coupled in Christ and Joy Sunday school classes, and Molly Medlin made donations.

“It is hard to believe another year has gone by and another Christmas party is in the books!” says Kelly Cates of the Church of Christ at White Station. “Thanks so much for all of your help. WeScreen Shot 2014-12-23 at 3.56.40 PM could not have done this without the collaborative effort. I tell everyone that I have never been a part of anything such as the Mid-South Alliance for Orphan Care where churches can come together to serve side by side in our city. I am so honored to be a part of this group.  Jesus is working in Memphis.”

Check out to remain informed about what’s happening at Christ Church within this collaboration of churches in Memphis.

In 2015, we are eagerly anticipating partnership with the Mid-South Orphan Care Alliance churches and Agape Child and Family Services to open a resource center for foster and adoptive families. More to come!

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