For several years, Danny Shivers, Older Elementary Director, has prayed for a way to partner with parents and children in his local community to incorporate our values at Christ Church outside the walls of 4488 Poplar. The answer to his prayer is Chalk Talk.

“I am the head coach of a 7th grade boys football team, and during weekly Chalk Talk meetings, we not only review game footage as a means to improve, but also look at our current, personal walks to determine if we are running the plays God has intended for us,” Danny said. “We look at God as our General Manager, Christ as our Coach and the Gospel as our playbook.”

The opportunity arose with the opening of the East Ministry Center because it’s in close vicinity to their local community. “I decided to offer this to the team and their fathers/guardians as a means to reach a population with the Gospel through authentic life-on-life relationships,” he said. “Football can be a relentless sport, but at the end of the day, our young men need to know they are not defined by the world’s playbook.”

For Danny, serving is important because he wants the Gospel to be present in his community and beyond. “If I am not living out the Gospel in my own community, how can I challenge others to do the same?” he said. “Serving brings reward that cannot be purchased, rented or given. It has a way of squashing pride, embracing humility and preparing an individual for far greater opportunities and responsibilities.”

Danny has served in various capacities, countries and occupations and said the benefit of God working through us to impact others—who can impact others for future generations to come—gives us a glimpse of the tomorrow that only God can bring. “If you want to see the magnitude of our great God, serve in a capacity much larger than yourself and watch the God stories unfold.”

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