Did you know that you can now participate in the 9:45 contemporary service at Christ Church even if you can’t make it to Seabrook Hall on Sunday mornings?

In fulfillment of one of the 7 Initiatives developed by church leadership for the 2012 year of ministry and as the first first phase of CC Global, on January 8th Christ Church launched a new Online Campus.

During the 9:45 (CT) contemporary service, participants may log in (through Facebook or a screenname) with a computer or mobile device by clicking on the link marked CC Global on the Christ Church homepage. They can then experience the entire service through live streaming video, as well as interact with other participants, either privately through instant message or publicly in the chat box. An online minister is logged in during the service and is available for any comments and questions received either through instant message or the chat box.

Participants are encouraged to “talk in church” if they have any question or comment about any part of the service they would like to put forward, but they also have the option of just sitting back and enjoying the live video of the service. There is also a map showing where participants are logging in from, and a place to takes notes which provides the order of worship and announcements for the week. Currently there are also links for participants to send in prayer requests and give to the church, and there will be additional modifications to the Online Campus as this resource is further developed.

The CC Global Online Campus gives anyone, from those curious about the church to life-long members, the opportunity to join the Christ Church body in prayer, worship, and fellowship no matter where they are. Many congregants have already been kept from missing the service due to such issues as illness or just from being away on business or vacation. Those new to the church have found it to be an easy way to check us out. Even if you’re just running late, you can pick it up on your smartphone before you make it to Seabrook. Whatever happens, take advantage of this resource so that you can still be a part of what is happening at Christ Church.

I am serving as the pastor for the CC Global Online Campus. I’m a native of Shelby Forest, TN and an alumnus of Crichton College here in Memphis. I recently graduated with an M.A. in biblical studies from Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. This past summer I served as the lead resident for the Christ College Residency Program and also joined the community of Christ Church.

If you have any questions about the Online Campus, contact me at (901) 261-4323 or at nathanb@cumcmemphis.org

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