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The Beaty Gym has a new floor—just in time for the start of basketball season on Friday, Dec. 1. The old floor was the original from 1973 – 44 years! According to Athletics Director Jan Averwater, most floors are replaced at the 25-35 year mark depending on usage.

“The new floor was laid on top of the original floor and tile,” Jan said. “Before the new floor was installed, participants, friends and family wrote their names on the old wooden floor, hoping someday when the new floor is lifted and replaced their names will be discovered beneath.” What a time capsule!

More than 1,100 players, family members and guests come to the Beaty Gym on Saturdays during basketball season. Our Athletics Ministry sponsors 30 teams, and up to eight games can be played every Saturday during the months of November through March. Games are also scheduled on Tuesday nights and Friday nights. All other nights the gym is used for team practices and fitness classes.

In addition to basketball, the gym is scheduled for volleyball practices and games from August to October and serves 100 people daily Monday through Friday for numerous fitness classes. For a list of classes, go to

Before there was a building, Christ Church coaches and mentors were out in the community coaching and serving through the Memphis Park Commission. After the building was constructed, the doors were open and Methodist Neighborhood Center brought kids here every Sunday, including Coach Jimmy Chambers as a young boy. Jimmy has given back for 30 plus years.

“We are truly blessed to belong to a church that saw the need years ago to use sports and fitness as tools to reach the unchurched,” Jan said. “I can only imagine what God has planned for the next 44 years as we use sports to teach fundamentals of sports and Christian character and reach out to the 700,000 unchurched in the community!”

>>Volunteers are needed for the upcoming basketball season including clock and scorekeepers, concession stand workers and cleaning crews. Want to help? Contact Athletics, (901) 683-6887.

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