Our family mission team members have returned from Mexico with full hearts! Here are a few pictures and comments to share just a glimpse of this experience. If you want to learn more or be a part of an upcoming team, contact our Serving & Outreach Director Bob Whitsitt.

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From 17-year-old Graham Sippel:

“On Wednesday night, we travelled to a local church, where we worshiped with our brothers and sisters in Mexico. This is an excerpt from my journal that night:

What a powerful experience! To hear the songs of praise in the languages of Spanish and English, both lifted up simultaneously, was an indescribable blessing to me. Despite the totally different languages found in that place, and the fact that each people group had no idea what the other group was saying, we knew in our hearts that we were both praising God together  – it was incredible. In that place of worship, God showed me that His love and power can overcome any barrier, and that no language differences could keep us from worshipping together. That is something I truly will never forget. God was in that place and God is good.”

From Beverly & Randy Wade:

We were blessed in so many ways during the week we spent in Ensenada, Mexico. Not only did we get to serve alongside an amazing CUMC team, we also enjoyed a spirit-filled worship service in Spanish, daily devotionals, and the joy of being the hands and feet of Jesus. And, if that was not enough, we ate genuine Mexican food, were cooled by a constant Pacific breeze, and marveled at the western Baja coastline. All of this while meeting new brothers and sisters in Christ and deepening existing relationships. What a wonderful week!

From Fran Knotts:

As I write this, it is Monday afternoon and it has been three days since I left Mexico. It came to mind today that a week ago, we began building these two houses. During lunch, I watched the videos Yugo Ministries prepared summarizing the work that the teams last week accomplished. The members of the family we built the house for were shown. I smiled and shed a tear as I thought of Miguel, Maria, Jose, and Lemuel. Like my previous mission trip, I have left part of my heart there. I also think of our entire team. Our building team came together quickly, unified behind a common goal. I miss the people we met, and I miss our team. So many times we hear that our brothers and sisters in Christ are around the world. A week like this reminds me of this truth. Our brothers and sisters in Christ are in Memphis, in Mexico, in Brazil, and to the ends of the earth.

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