For the ninth year, a team from Christ Church will spend a week in Mexico working with YUGO Ministries. Along with several families, the team includes students from the Refuge as well as East High School, all serving together to build homes for three families from start to finish in just four days.

“When you show up to the work site on Monday morning, there is literally just a concrete slab and a stack of lumber,” said Ty Garvey after last year’s trip. “By the time the day ends on Thursday, you have a completed house and are turning the keys of the new home over to the family that will be living there. It is an experience of servanthood that is unmatched.”

Mexico Prayer Guide 2017
Sunday, June 11: Travel from San Diego to Ensenada and meet the families we will build homes for

  • Read Psalm 139:1-12. Pray for travelling mercies. Pray that the families receiving the houses would know that this is our desire because it is God’s desire first.

Monday, June 12-Wednesday, June 14: Building homes and VBS; also on Wednesday we worship with a local church

  • House Building: Read Isaiah 65:17-24. Pray for the energy to do this Kingdom work of restoration and justice.
  • VBS: Read Matthew 19:14. Pray that the children clearly see Jesus and we do not hinder them in receiving what is already theirs.

Thursday, June 15: Finish homes and key ceremony

  • Read Isaiah 66:1-2. Pray that on this day that the house, though meaningful, would be an outside symbol of the inner, deeper work of the Holy Spirit in the families who built it and who are receiving it.

Friday, June 16: La Bufadora and travel back to San Diego; some will fly home this evening

  • Read John 15:1-5. Pray that the families and the team will see that God is always at work and we simply need to remain and trust in Him. Pray also for travelling mercies.

>>Download Printable Mexico Prayer Guide 2017 (pdf)

Meet the three families the Christ Church team is blessed to serve and work alongside:

Olivera family: Sergio (father, 36), Agustina (mother, 33), Paulino (son, 15) & Yohana (daughter, 13)

Pacheco family: Maricruz (mother, 18) & Andres (son, 2)

Bazan family: Ruben (father, 20), Otilia (mother, 22) & Francisco (son, 1)

Christ Church team members include:
Clayton Brown
Drew Burnett
Gracey Burnett
David Coleman
James Coleman
Jonathan Coleman
Pam Coleman
Cynthia Davis
Sonny Davis
Colin Fitzpatrick
Mike Fitzpatrick
Ty Garvey
Graham Geshke
Andrew Grissom
Nate Huizinga
Ntirenganyi Karamba
Fran Knotts
Jamey Lee
Julianne Lee
Gracie Luther
Joey Luther
Joe Luther
Toni Luther
Erin Martin
Jeff Martin
Karen Martin
Lane Martin
McLean Meeks
Betty Moore
Dallas Moore
Jake Moore
Katie Pfeiffer
Dallas Pfeiffer
Jean Phebus
John Phebus
Larry Pittman
Mary Elizabeth Pittman
Will Pittman
Nia Reaves
Pokey Stanford
Emma Leigh Stanford
Juli Anna Stanford
Sarai Grace Stanford
Shane Stanford
Casi Stansbury
Pete Williams
Martha Kay Williams
Ann Wilson
Cathy Wilson
Mary Quay Wilson
Robert Wilson
Patricia Winstead
Ronnie Wright

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