The Residents were recently commissioned at The Table.

It’s summer, and that means there are some new faces on campus! Our 2018 Residents have arrived, so be sure to welcome them to Christ Church!

The mission of the Christ Church Summer Residency Program is to engage college students in meaningful ministry as they explore their identity and callings. Each intern serves directly in one of the departments at the church and takes classes twice a week.

The classroom component is a unique feature of the Residency Program that sets it apart from other internships. By combining classroom experience with a ministry internship, students apply what they learn in real time. Classes include lessons on theology, practical ministry, missions and more.

2018 Residents:

Nathan Mackintosh | Children’s Ministry
Taylor University

What do you love about Memphis? Alex Schwartz
Favorite movie, series or book: Star Wars


Callie Beckwith | Student Ministry
University of Georgia
What do you love most about Memphis? The people. The city is full of people that love it as well and genuinely care about making a difference in the city. Having lived here most of my life, it has truly been an incredible opportunity to see how people have transformed Memphis into an amazing place to live and work and enjoy. The food is also pretty good too.
Favorite movie, series or book: The Chronicles of Narnia


Will Harding | Student Ministry
University of Arkansas

What do you love about Memphis? All the different projects that people are trying to make Memphis a better place
Favorite movie, series or book: Harry Potter


Nadine Pasikari | Student Ministry
Southwest Tennessee Community College

What do you love about Memphis? The opportunities that are available here
Favorite movie, series or book: The Chronicles of Narnia



Peter Vang | Student Ministry
Alliance Theological Seminary
What do you love about Memphis? Mike and Dawn Weaver and their dogs
Favorite movie, series or book: Pirates of the Caribbean


William Merriman | Young Adults

What do you love about Memphis? The Zoo and Shelby Farms
Favorite movie, series or book: Lord of the Rings



Rachel Brannen | Serving & Outreach and Communications
University of Memphis

What do you love about Memphis? It has really good theater.
Favorite movie, series or book: Newsies


Sam Shuster | JoyLife901
Union University

What do you love about Memphis? Memphis is like a home to me.
Favorite movie, series or book: Tyler Perry’s Madea


Learn more about the Residency Program at If you are interested in being involved in the Residency Program in a future summer, contact Grant Caldwell.

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