Guest post by CUMC member Ken Billings, who also volunteers at the front desk and leads the Men’s Friday Prayer Breakfast

I’ve been delivering for MIFA’s Meals on Wheels program for about 7 years, and I can truthfully say that it is one of my favorite areas of service.

Ken delivering meals

Ken delivering meals

I have been on six different routes that, while radically different economically, all contain some genuinely wonderful people. On my third route, Annie was one of my favorites. Living in a two-room apartment just northeast of La Bonheur, she unfailingly greeted me with a hug and a warm welcome as she recounted her church activities the day before. She had a 1’ by 8’ area beside her driveway which she called her “vejable patch” which was optimistically planted with watermelons in the summer.

Annie’s spirit of love and cheerfulness in the face of her severe physical problems and the loss of two children was a testament of her Christian faith.

Annie and thousands like her depend on MIFA volunteers to deliver a hot, well-balanced, and nutritious meal to them each day. Beside the food, the social interaction is a welcome break in the day for many, especially those living alone. For me, it’s a chance to do something welcomed and appreciated by people I would never have had a chance to meet otherwise.

MIFA is soon to be phasing in 2000+ new clients. This will require new volunteers to deliver these meals. I URGE you to accept this opportunity.

Here’s how it works:

  • Contact Angela Scott, the Volunteer Coordinator, either by phone at 529-4513 or by email at
  • Then I recommend finding a friend to go with you. (Most teams have a driver and a runner: the driver drives [duh], and the runner carries the meal to the door.)
  • Then, pick a day you can both make each week, and tell Angela. For example, my partner-of-the-day and I do Route 14 on Mondays.
  • On your delivery day you go to MIFA and pick up your two coolers, one hot and one cold and your route sheet (provided by MIFA with your people, their addresses, and directions for the route.)
  • You then deliver the meals, after which you return the coolers to MIFA and turn in your route sheet.

We have 11 homes on our route and it takes about 45 minutes to an hour, although the first time you deliver it will take longer. As you get familiar with the route you can zip right through it.

Then comes the next best part—LUNCH. There are three CUMC teams on Monday and we meet each week to share a meal. I don’t know of another activity that does so much good yet provides as much fun and satisfaction. (Oh, if you get a Monday route, join us for lunch!)

Ken graciously invites anyone to call him if they have any questions at 619-8330.

Ken was featured in this News Channel 3 segment about Meals on Wheels in the summer of 2012:

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