It’s never a surprise when our beloved Maxie Dunnam receives an award. The Edmund W. Robb, Jr. United Methodist Renewal Award is his latest honor. Established in 2000, the award is presented annually by Good News, an evangelical renewal movement within the United Methodist Church, and honors a “person or persons whose life and ministry have made a significant contribution to renewal within the United Methodist Church.”

Though Maxie describes his and wife, Jerry’s ministry as “miraculous,” he described his life as a “hinting life;” only a hint or an inkling of what the Lord wants, of His boundless grace. Maxie’s message was challenging, as he expressed these thoughts:

maxie-jerry-dunnamI regret that I did not publicly affirm Jerry often enough.
I regret that I allowed the church to do what I should have done in taking the lead in spiritually guiding my children.
I regret that I didn’t get a sailboat or read enough poetry.
I regret that I did not speak out prophetically enough about things like education.
I regret that my prayer life was not deepened into travailing prayer.
I regret that I don’t groan enough in prayer like in Ezekiel 21.
I want the last years of my life to be more than a hint.

Maxie closed by saying he will spend these years “practicing playing second fiddle.”

No one who knows or has served alongside Jerry and Maxie would characterize their lives as only a hint; their ministry has been characterized by humility and compassion. Instead, his life’s testimony has been a masterful second fiddle.

>>Watch the video below for a word from our Senior Pastor Shane Stanford on this important recognition of our beloved Maxie.

Maxie Award Announcement from CUMC Memphis on Vimeo.

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