On June 7-13, a team representing all ages from Christ Church traveled once again to Ensenada, Mexico to share in the work and mission of YUGO Ministries. As you’ve heard from Pastor Shane, this year’s trip presented opportunities to those involved to glimpse the power and activity of God. 

Mark and Lucy Forrester serve as leaders on the CUMC Family Mission Trip to Mexico, and share with us their own joy and satisfaction in being able to share in God’s presence and serve in Jesus’s mission in this nation just to the south of us. 

May the way they express their hearts here lead to an invitation and a challenge for you to join Christ Church on mission.

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works…”

Mark and Lucy Forrester, with their daughter Ellie Kate

Mark and Lucy Forrester, with their daughter Ellie Kate

These words of challenge and encouragement from Paul’s letter to the church at Ephesus served as the theme verse for CUMC’s Family Mission Trip to Mexico.

There are many good opportunities for us to serve the Lord and our family has found one of the best is pulling away for a week, together, and going to Mexico. Seeing God be so faithful to answer our prayers on so many levels deepens our faith and trust that He truly cares and is near. His care for every detail of our life was proven time and again during this most recent trip.

We have fallen in love with the very kind and generous people there… the people of YUGO Ministries that lead and teach us, and the families for whom we build the homes.

The week was special for us as our team was smaller, only 30 people, so there was a greater level of intimacy and caring for one another.  Seeing all our kids love on one another, love on home-site families and love on the kids at VBS was heartwarming and inspiring; lots of fun and laughter. And seeing them work very hard at physical labor in lieu of technology was awesome!



Our relationship with the local pastor and his church is a very special one. He works alongside us and his church members as we build a home for his sheep; Pastor Joel and Lenore are very special.

We always look forward to Wednesday night worship in the local church as we are sure to experience the power of the presence of the Lord in that place. You have likely already heard Shane speak about that!

One of the biggest blessings while in Mexico is the worship and teaching we receive each morning and evening from the YUGO staff. This year’s theme was MAKE and centered around Matthew 28:19’s teaching about “making disciples.” We were challenged to think about what God wanted to MAKE in us and through us this week while serving in Mexico. Building on that word for the remainder of the week, we were finally challenged on final evening to go and MAKE history. So not only do we give as we go but we receive in turn so much more. And that is the economy of God.

We are always amazed each trip how God takes a team of individuals, men, women and children of all ages with limited construction skill and in less than four days provides a family with what some of them seeas a miracle. To us, it is a simple home, 320 square feet, with no plumbing or electricity. To them, it is an answer to prayer, a sign of hope and encouragement. Could God be calling you to MAKE room on your calendar next summer to join us?

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