This post written by Senior Pastor Shane Stanford.

Today is Election Day. Our communities, state and nation will make choices about who leads us into tomorrow. The power of that choice is grand and sacred.

However, this Sunday, we have an opportunity to also make a choice about the future of our congregation. This choice is not about electing a leader, but about being leaders for our church, our community and our city.

A few months ago, our Joshua Committee identified Seven Initiatives that we believe define our journey as a congregation during the next season of our church’s life. These initiatives include:

  • connecting to college and career young adults;
  • developing leaders for the next generation;
  • continuing to make a difference in the lives of the under-resourced;
  • assisting those living with addiction and in recovery; building healthy families; and
  • sharing hope in the Good News of Jesus Christ through new and innovative means.

God has provided our congregation with great leadership, committed servants and abundant resources. However, though we do have many households who have been blessed beyond measure, it takes every one of us—working together, sharing together, caring together and serving together—to become all that God has created us to be.

This Sunday, Nov. 11 is our Commitment Sunday for the Christ 100 Plan. Each of our members should have received a Commitment (Estimate of Giving) Card in the mail. We need each household to complete this Commitment Card and return it to Christ Church beginning this Sunday. Our commitment to give 100 percent of ourselves back to Christ—40 (at least) Sundays in worship, 30 minutes per day in study, 20 hours per month in service and 10 percent of our resources—becomes the heartbeat of how we love Jesus and love like Jesus in the world.

Now… don’t fret… if you have misplaced your card or didn’t receive one, just contact the church and we will send you a new one. Or you can pick up a blank Commitment Card on Sunday.

Let me thank you in advance for your faithfulness to Christ Church and to the work of the Gospel. Your commitment—your choice—makes a difference.

Be Salt and Light… You Matter.


Matthew 5:13-16

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