It’s not too late to get in on the 10 Great Dates series which is the current Christ College elective on Wednesday nights this fall. Here’s what one couple had to share after attending last week:


“My husband and I really enjoyed the time we spent together discussing the devotion we heard at 10 Great Dates. It was great to have some talking points to use use for our date. We felt like high schoolers again hangin’ at the food court. We were able to concentrate on us instead of everything else. I look forward to the next nine weeks,  and I feel like this time together with strengthen our marriage.” 

So make plans now to invest in your marriage this fall. Gather in Seabrook Hall at 6:15 pm for a 20-minute devotional and then head out for a one-hour date.

Here are the upcoming topics:

  • Date Two: Learning to Talk
  • Date Three: Resolving Honest Conflict
  • Date Four: Becoming the Encourager
  • Date Five: Finding Unity in Diversity
  • Date Six: Building a Creative Love Life
  • Date Seven: Sharing Responsibility and Working Together
  • Date Eight: Balancing Your Roles As Partner and Parent
  • Date Nine: Developing Spiritual Intimacy
  • Date Ten: Having an Intentional Marriage

Got kids? Nursery is available for infants – age 2; register here. There’s also plenty of fun for ages 3 – 5th grade through our School of the Rock arts camp. Register here.

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