The Justice Conference Memphis is coming up on February 21-22 in Seabrook Hall. We will have a variety of exhibitors from local organizations to share about their engagement with justice issues in our city and about how you can join with them and support them in their work.

You can find out more information and register online at Justice Conference Memphis

The kingdom of God does not respect the boundaries that we place between ourselves and other people.

God’s coming reign on earth includes all people of every background and every type.

Jacob’s Well is a church in uptown Memphis founded by Rev. Jamey Lee, a former pastor at Christ Church, who worked to fulfill the vision God placed in his heart to establish a place where people come together from different racial, economic, and cultural backgrounds to work together in growing in the gospel and overcoming racism, addiction, and poverty.

Sticking to the principles of reconciliation, rehabilitation, reciprocation, the way the parishioners of Jacob’s Well put each other’s interests above their own is a striking example of God’s justice in our world.

And we are so pleased to count Jacob’s Well as a very significant local ministry partner at Christ Church.

One of the key ways that Jacob’s Well and Christ Church share in our work for justice in the city is Bridging the Gap.

A weekend experience in the city of Memphis, Bridging the Gap offers a real glimpse of what it means to struggle in poverty and homelessness.

We will consider big questions like:

  • What challenges do the urban poor face daily?
  • What is God’s heart for the poor?
  • Why should I care about those living in poverty in Memphis?
  • And what about the poor in the rest of the world?

The weekend will be full of experiential and biblical learning about the poor, and how followers of Jesus are called to respond.

CUMC member and new chair of the Serving & Outreach Council, Kim Lambert, urges everyone who hasn’t done Bridging the Gap to sign up. “Bridging the Gap was a life-changing experience,” she says. “It challenged me to evaluate my priorities and how God was calling me to build/nurture relationships in Memphis. It helped me see all people through a new lens.”

CUMC member Abbye Pates, who helped start Bridging the Gap, echoes Kim’s fervor:

It is all about contact – with other people, with some of daily realities they face, and with others who are for the first time learning what it feels like in small, small way to live with the deep struggles and entanglements of poverty. Bridging the Gap isn’t the whole picture; it scratches the surface. But for many who went through Bridging the Gap, and for myself, it opened our eyes in a new way. We began to live differently.

For more information and to register for Bridging the Gap, visit Contact Nathan Brasfield, 261-4386.

If you want to learn more about Jacob’s Well, join us at The Justice Conference Memphis on February 21-22. You can register online now for $34 a ticket. We are pleased to offer a student rate of $20.

Pastor Jamey Lee will be making a presentation and there will be an exhibition table where you can speak to representatives and pick up some materials about Bridging the Gap and Jacob’s Well.

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