We have been more than blessed to know and serve with Ty and are certainly sad to see him go. He will lead a worship night with our students tomorrow, Thursday,
July 20 from 8-10 p.m. in The Refuge. A love offering will be taken for Ty for his blessings to Christ Church.

Below is a letter to the church from Ty — please keep him in your prayers as we send him out knowing he is following God’s path for his life. We love you, Ty!

A letter from Ty Garvey:

In my quest for knowledge about the God we love and serve, one of the things that has become abundantly clear is that to be a Christian is to be willing to accept a certain amount of mystery concerning God and how He works. This not only means mysteries about God Himself, but that also sometimes God will provide instruction while only laying out the next necessary step and not yet revealing the steps that follow. 

I have now found myself at a place in my journey where God, through His Holy Spirit, is asking me to take that next step, and that next step is simply for me to bring to a close my time at Christ Church. This decision is in no way an easy one. It is one that is filled with questions more than it is providing answers. I have no idea what is next beyond this step. I only know that at this time, I firmly believe the Holy Spirit is leading me to go back home to central Mississippi to be with my family. 

Words cannot even begin to express how much my time at Christ Church has meant to me. I have been so loved here, have grown so much and have made friends who are more like family to me than anything else. The only thing I really want to say is thank you. This church and the members of this congregation will be in my prayers as I hope I will be in yours. And know that I am certainly willing to talk with anyone further regarding this decision, but I can’t promise I will have good answers for your questions. Lastly, and repeating myself from earlier, thank you so much for everything!

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