Guest post by Christ Church member Janet Sheahan

The best part of the quarantine is that I am spending more time reading and studying the Word, without thinking about what I have to do next. I love having extra time to pray for family and friends as well as our politicians and needy strangers all over the world.  

I also am enjoying talking to people, in town and out of town, that I have not talked to in a long time. I am getting little house projects done, like everyone else, such as cleaning out drawers and closets. The attic is still calling me to have a party by myself up there! 

A fun, deliberate and necessary part of each day is getting outside to walk or hike with friends, while staying six feet apart. We just talk a little louder than normal so we can hear what is being said. Of course like most people, I have gotten into a habit of watching more news than normal. I have finished watching all of the Downton Abbey series and loved every, or almost every, moment of it! Also I appreciate family and friends more than ever and any little attention I get!

The worst part is being alone as a widow and not being energized by physically seeing and being with people. I have to be more mentally disciplined than ever to ward off the Enemy who is so subtle during those long, quiet times. James 4:7 helps me, “Stand firm against the devil; resist him and he will flee from you.”

This came to me:

With effort I am determined that the Coronavirus will:
not cripple my love for God
not shatter my hope in Christ
not shake my faith in the Lord’s promises
not diminish my relationships with my family and friends
not rob me of joy
not undermine the power of God’s Word.

Instead, with effort, the Coronavirus: 
can instill in me new courage to persevere
can draw me deeper into the Word
can remind me that God is sovereign
can open up new friendships
can strengthen my prayers
can expand my view of God
can wake me up
can reset my priorities, 

if I am open to it!

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