NOTE: This guest post was submitted by Rev. Jamey Lee, Pastor of Jacob’s Well.

Nearly two years ago, Christ Church helped launch a new congregation in Memphis. Since then, Jacob’s Well has become a spiritual home for countless individuals hurt by religion. Hundreds living in poverty are experiencing a hand up to a better way of life. Affluent families have friends who live on the streets. Lives are changing, and week after week as the diverse group that make up Jacob’s Well continue to meet on Saturdays to fellowship and worship together. Yet God-sized dreams compel us to keep moving forward

Beginning this Saturday, Sept. 8 we will begin offering two opportunities to worship among our disenfranchised neighbors on Saturday nights, 5 & 7 p.m. The new service at 5 p.m. service is geared to reach out specifically to women in rehabs and families living in poverty (single moms and kids). We want to invite all of our friends at Christ Church to celebrate with us in this new expression of the Kingdom as we launch this new service this week.

As we move forward, we want to continue to be a place of service for CUMC members and encourage you to join with a group, class or missional community to serve meals on Wednesday evenings (email for info), or help with Kids Community (email or driving the van on Saturday nights (email We also want to empower and equip you to begin similar ministries. If you and your friends would like more info on starting a homeless ministry of your own or throwing a block party in an area of need near you, we would love to empower you to initiate some Kingdom work in the city.

We are thrilled to continue to serve alongside Christ Church in the years ahead as we share Christ’s vision for the under-resourced areas of Memphis and our neighbors who live in poverty and homelessness. Connect with us on Facebook and here to keep updated with our bi-monthly e-news. May Christ be with you, and we hope to see you this Saturday!

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