Most of us have grown up as the conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians has raged on in some of the most sacred parts of the world.Rev. Alex Awad

With all of the historical, religious and political factors involved, it can be difficult to keep a firm grasp on what is happening and why.

On Wednesday, Sept. 23 from 6-7:30 pm in Wilson Chapel, we welcome the Rev. Alex Awad to come share his experiences and perspective with us.

An important partner with Christ United Methodist Church through Global Serving & Outreach, Rev. Awad was born and raised in Jerusalem. With his wife Brenda he is a missionary of The General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. 

Rev. Awad is Dean of Students and a professor at Bethlehem Bible College and pastor of East Jerusalem Baptist Church.

He is also the author of Palestinian Memories; the Story of a Palestinian Mother and Her People (Bethlehem Bible College, 2008) and Through the Eyes of the Victims (Bethlehem Bible College, 2001), a discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the perspective of Palestinians.

Come hear his story on teaching, preaching and living the story of Jesus within the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

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