Christ Church is preparing to send teams to Mexico, Costa Rica and Uganda, and maybe God is tugging at your heart to be part of these teams. Registration is open for the following:

Mexico Family Mission Trip: YUGO Ministries | June 8-14
Rice & Beans Summer Family Mission Trip: Costa Rica | July 7-13
Uganda/Bidi Bidi Refugee Camp | July 25-August 8

“It’s clear to see God’s heart for all nations to know of His love weaved throughout the Bible, and He has commanded His people to take the Gospel to all nations (Matthew 28:19-20)—beginning in Memphis but not stopping there,” said Stephanie Powell, Director of Global Missions. 

Spreading God’s love is just one of the many benefits of going on a trip. Stephanie says it is also important to connect to and encourage our brothers/sisters in other places and be exposed to a world outside of our own. Through this, God grows and challenges us on many levels. 

“Something I’ve gained from mission trips is the eye-opening experience of how much we are blessed with, how short life is and how God can use anyone who’s willing and available,” she said. “There are needs no matter where you live, but the masses of people plus the lack of access to the Gospel or means to meet needs is something that will never leave my mind.”

>>Want to know more? Stop by the Parlor from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 27 to meet trip leaders, get information and ask any questions about our upcoming trips to Mexico, Costa Rica and Uganda. | Trip details

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