Picture_of_Box_Contents_largeNOTE: The following letter was sent to Sr. Pastor Shane Stanford after a recent sermon. As you read this, imagine a church where members responded to such promptings and nudges…where might God be leading you to give back with your skills, ideas, resources?

“I’m a member of CUMC and my wife (and little girls) have been attending the 9:45 service for some time. In addition to my day job as a corporate lawyer, I started a candy company (Shotwell Candy Co.) late last year focusing on hand-made caramels. Since its inception, God has constantly pushed me to “give back” part of the proceeds from the business. So, we pick opportunities from time-to-time and commit to providing 10% of our revenue to that opportunity.

The reason I’m writing is to share an idea God laid on my heart during one of your sermons a couple months back when you were describing a moment in your life when (while you were handing out water) a young lady approached needing help feeding/caring for her young child. You told us how you prayed specifically for diapers, baby powder and other items and God answered your prayer by providing just one box on the trailer containing the very items you prayed for. From this story, God breathed the idea of a BabyBox into me. I recently announced this idea on my website (you can read about it here), but the gist is that each BabyBox will contain diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, diaper rash ointment, baby formula and a baby bottle, and each of these boxes can be delivered directly into disaster areas, homeless shelters or wherever there is a need for such items by little ones. Us adults can last for days on water and food alone (often items available in disasters and homeless shelters), but little babies require much more to keep them nourished and comfortable.

Other than letting you know one of the powerful ways God is using you, I also wanted to see if you or someone on your staff* may have some ideas on how to actually get these BabyBoxes I’m putting together into the hands of those that can best use them.

Thank you so much! Have a blessed day!  –Jerrod Smith, Founder & Owner, Shotwell Candy Co.

>>Again, where might God be leading you to give back with your skills, ideas, resources?

(*NOTE: CUMC Serving & Outreach Director Bob Whitsitt is working to establish distribution of the BabyBoxes to UMCOR– the United Methodist Committee on Relief as well as local organizations as needed.)


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