For Matthew Crosby, serving as a D-Group leader is one way to give back to those who invested their time in his life and helped him grow in his faith. It also allows him to model serving for his 15-year-old son, Will. Matthew currently leads the 11th grade guys D-Group and started with the group when they were in 8th grade. D-Groups, or discipleship groups, are at the core of our Student Ministry here at Christ Church.

“Over the course of time as we’ve gotten to know each other better, I’ve gotten to see a side of these guys—and just youth in general—and the challenges they face,” he said. Matthew knows students often feel more comfortable talking with someone other than their parents, and this gives him an opportunity to do that for someone else’s child.

“It is just spending time with them… just validating them that their thoughts are reasonable and the things they are going through are real, and maybe we went through some of those too at one point.”

Matthew encourages others to pray about whether God is calling them to serve as a D-Group leader. “It’s easy. The lesson and questions are provided ahead of time, but we also discuss whatever’s on their hearts and minds at the time. It’s really just being relational with them, listening to them and talking with them.”

Looking for a place to serve? Contact Andrew Grissom, (901) 202-6048.

Watch this video to hear more from Matthew:

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