post written by CUMC staff member Laura Greenwell

The annual Wrapped-N-Love Christmas party for local foster children was held on Dec. 10. More than 400 tubs were filled with gifts for the children, and generousmo-callie-paula-laura-dcs-party-2016 donations were made to the Memphis Family Connection Center including 60 tubs from Christ Church. These donations will help the foster families with counseling, trauma therapy and other services year-round.

There are nearly 1,000 youth in DCS foster care. Imagine the joy and excitement on their faces as they had the rare opportunity to visit Santa, ride a sleigh, pet a lama at the petting zoo, eat great food and receive a tub of Christmas gifts.

One 3-year-old told his grandmother that this was the best day of his life! This was one day that they did not have to think about any of the hard “life” issues that they deal with day-to-day. 

Here is what one foster mother wrote:

I am so grateful. I can’t hold it all. I am so extremely grateful for the village we have. Thank you so much for all the energy and effort and resources and time many of you put into this act of kindness with the Memphis Family Connection Center and the Wrapped in Love Foster Care Extravaganza. I am overwhelmed to tears by the warmth and thoughtfulness put into each of our tubs of gifts. It was so encouraging and restorative to be cared for in this way. My kiddos had so much fun and loved the sleigh rides and Santa and animals and Oreos and popcorn. And my heart is overwhelmed and so full of gratitude as I peeked in to the tubs of presents and see that the children I love are loved by others too who may not even know them at all. What a beautiful picture of God’s grace and his family!

Thank you CUMC staff and members for filling these tubs!

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