After working with the homeless at Highland Heights UMC for more than 10 years, Christ Church member Linda Headley became acutely aware of the homeless situation in Memphis. “Those on the streets must carry their belongings with them day and night for fear of theft,” she said. “During this time, we learned of their many needs. Hygiene items are needed most along with food and shelter.” 

Linda shared her experience with Senior Pastor Shane Stanford, and as a result, Christ Church recently launched H2H: Hospitality 2 Hope, a new ministry designed to share God’s love with the homeless in our community. 

For $20, you can purchase an H2H bag, which contains basic necessities including:

  • snacks, water
  • hot hands, gloves
  • socks, Chap Stick, hygiene items and
  • coupons to pay for other meals as well as the fee required by some shelters 

The goal of the ministry is for you to keep these bags in your car to give to the homeless you see every day in our city.

According to Shane, there are three major groups or issues that relate to the homeless in Memphis: those who are suffering from mental illness, those who are suffering from some type of addiction and those who are incarcerated and do not have the resources to make their way back into society. “H2H is not an end-all ministry for the homeless but a bridge ministry that allows for them to have some basic necessities as they are trying to find their way into a more stable environment.”

Linda said Romans 12:13 reminds us of our command to minister to the homeless and others who are in need. 

Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.”

>>Want to purchase a bag? They are available at the Seabrook welcome center or by contacting Christ Church Director of Global Missions Stephanie Powell

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