The work of the Binghampton Development Corporation includes not only property development and management, housing counseling, job training, and the like– it also includes relationship building with students in neighborhood schools. The BDC works closely with another affiliated partner organization of Christ Church, Cornerstone/Lester Prep school, in sharing the love of Jesus with the students there.

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Adam leading Club 61

Adam Rader is a new Student Outreach Coordinator with the BDC who organizes Club 61, a new Bible study and activity time for elementary children at Cornerstone/Lester Prep. He comes to Memphis from Keller, Texas having heard about the opportunity at the BDC when his girlfriend moved here to participate in Memphis Teacher Residency.

Adam specially invites Christ Church members to help with Club 61:

The Binghampton Development Corporation is not only dedicated to rebuilding and revitalizing the Binghampton neighborhood but we are also dedicated to help bring about changing the lives of the people in it, as well.

Through our partnership with Cornerstone/Lester Prep, we are able to host these weekly Bible studies for the Kindergarten through 5th graders.

These Bible studies offer not just the typical format of sitting down and studying but they look and feel more like a high energy youth group; from playing games to doing activities to even dancing to some worship songs!

We can’t do this ministry alone, and we need people that would like to dedicate a little over an hour out of their Monday’s or Wednesday’s to help pour into the next generation of Christians.

Club 61 is once monthly for Kindergarten through 2nd graders, and Wednesday’s from 3:15-4:30 for our 3rd through 5th graders.

So come join us to help bring some games, music, and Bible lessons to the next generation!

The Monday schedule with Kindergarten through 2nd grade was recently revised from the published time of every Monday from 3:15-4:30. Activities with Kindergarten through 2nd graders will now be held once a month, and most efforts will be concentrated on Wednesdays.

For any questions about the changed Monday schedule or to go ahead and get started on helping out with Wednesdays, contact Adam at or (817) 658-2429.

Club 61

Club 61

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