Over 100,000 children are available for adoption in the United States.

There are over 330,000 churches in the United States.

If not even a third of U.S. churches (not families) responded to our God-given responsibility as the body of Christ to care for the orphan in supporting the adoption of only one child, there would be no children without fathers, mothers, and sisters and brothers. orphan care circle

However, as it is, many children spend many of the most important and formative years of their entire lives waiting for a family.

And when you expand your purview to the entire globe, the need increases all the more.

However, wherever we are called in order to be the way God brings justice, peace, and love, God will provide what is needed.

And we firmly believe that since not everyone in the church is supposed to adopt into their own families, how much more do all of us have a role in supporting adoptions of our brothers and sisters.

A couple of families at Christ Church are currently in the process of completing the adoption process–one through the local government, and one with another nation around the world.

Both adoptions have been supported through the Christ Church Adoption Fund, which is a truly amazing way for the entire church to participate in bringing children into our church family.

Lifesong+for+Orphans+logoThis fund which is administered through Lifesong for Orphans offers such an amazing opportunity because every dollar amount that is donated is matched and tax-deductible.

Your $10 donation becomes $20 or your $500 donation becomes $1,000 to help prevent finances from being any sort of obstacle for those who are called and ready to invite a child into a loving home.

If you don’t know about the Fund, we are taking this month focused on Orphan Care to let you know all about it.

Drop by the tables in the Seabrook lobby the next couple of Sundays to talk to someone in person.

You will also see once again the Heart Gallery of Tennessee, which was assembled by Christ Church Orphan Care last year during Orphan Care month. It displays the faces and names of children in our state waiting to be adopted.

Find more information and donate now by starting at cumcmemphis.org/orphancare

Meanwhile, please enjoy hearing the story of the Fuersts, one of the Christ Church families who have been able to adopt locally through help from the Christ Church Adoption Fund.

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