It’s a harsh reality that 783 million people do not have access to clean water and that 6 to 8 million people die annually from the consequences.Water is Life

As you read this, however, over 20,000 people in Zambia who were formerly a part of this statistic now have ready access to clean, healthy water due to Water is Life. Through this campaign in 2013 and 2014, Christ Church provided enough donations for us to exceed our goal of providing 25 wells for Zambian villages. 33 wells are now drawing up clean water from under the African soil, and our goal during this Advent season is to provide seven more wells for Zambia as part of 2ndMILE: Advent.

Through this year’s 2ndMILE: Advent, we are focusing our attention on the current need in our world for the things that Jesus’s family needed so desperately when he was born: food, water, and housing.

Zambian Well from Water is LifeSince most poverty in our world is due to the unjust actions (or inaction) of human beings, our response as the church is not only to make up for the need but to be a part of God’s mission for justice.

How this mission is one and the same with providing for our neighbors around the world is seen in how more than thirty churches have been planted in partnership with the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church as a result of the Water is Life campaign so far.

The opportunity before us is to provide at least seven more wells, which then may bring about more churches, which will then bring about health and wholeness for thousands more people in Zambia.

So far, one village well is funded.

At $7,000 per well, our goal for seven villages to receive a well totals $49,000.

Let’s not miss this opportunity!

Villages to adopt:DSC01074

  • Chinyaku – FUNDED
  • Tilimbike
  • Lemelani
  • Mphawa
  • Kavala
  • Chimangu
  • Mnopo
  • Nkhanda
  • Mtitimila
  • Ndolola

Contributions are welcome between now and year-end and can be mailed to the church at 4488 Poplar Ave. Memphis, TN 38117.

Make checks payable to CUMC & note in memo line: 2ndMILE: Advent, with an extra specification for Water if you would like to designate your gift to providing wells.

We are accepting donations until the last day of the year – December 31!

Visit for more information about 2ndMILE goals for food and housing.

For more information, contact Nathan Brasfield, 261-4386.

For more information on the backstory of Water is Life, check out archived articles on the Christ Church Blog:

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