If you can read English and you have access to the Internet, you not only have the entire Bible readily accessible for you, but you also have 20 to 30 translations in your language to choose from. And this is only a small portion of the English translations of the Bible ever completed.

Tom and Maddox Giel adopt their verses

Tom and Maddox Giel adopt their verses

However, there are still groups of people in the world who cannot access the Bible so readily, and for some, the Bible is completely unavailable because it has not even been translated into their language.

Threat of persecution is one of the many obstacles to the production of new Bible translations. In parts of the world where it is truly dangerous to be a Christian, it takes a more strategic approach to ensure that the Bible is made available to those who lack that most important of resources for embarking upon and engaging in the Christian faith.

The Yeshil Project is a way that all of Christ Church–along with our partners in ministry–can provide this most urgent need for an unreached people group in the Middle East. For their safety, and for the success of this project, we cannot reveal very much about this particular group except that there are about 700,000 of them who cannot currently hear and read the Scriptures in their own language. The untranslatable code name itself for this project, “Yeshil,” is an indication of how sensitive this work is.

Yeshil Project Promo from CUMC Memphis on Vimeo.

Our goal is to provide the entire Gospel of John to this people group. With these resources, the experts with the Seed Company (a division of Wycliffe Bible Translators) will handle all the translation work.

Posters are on display outside worship areas for this adopt-a-verse project. Here’s how it works:

  • Donation: Each verse ‘adoption’ is $25.

    Greg Spillyards signing up

    Greg Spillyards adopts a verse

  • Several ways to give: Write a check and place in offering plate or donation box located at the Seabrook Hall info desk. Donate online through InFellowship. Or you can text your donation.
  • Text-to-give: Simply text to (901) 509-9994 with this format: $25 Yeshil. If you want to donate more or less, just substitute your amount for “25.” NOTE: There must be a space between the donation amount and Yeshil. The first time you donate, you will receive a message in reply directing you to set up your credit or debit card.
  • Write a check: Make check payable to CUMC and put Yeshil in the memo line.
  • Find the verse or verses you would like to adopt on the posters around campus and write your name next to them. (It is OK if more than one person adopts a verse.)

Help ensure that a verse, a collection of verses, or even a passage or more of Scripture are forever in a language that it has never been in before!



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