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After successive devastating civil wars in Liberia, the West African country was left without access to healthcare, as many medical facilities had been destroyed. Unbelievably, this country of 4.2 million people has only 50 doctors. One of those is Dr. Chris Hena.

Christ Church has partnered with Dr. Hena since 1991 as she developed the framework for a healthcare initiative in Liberia while still living and working in Kazakhstan, a republic of the former Soviet Union. She is now working to reform the Liberian healthcare system through the initiative called Healthy Women, Healthy Liberia (HWHL).

Since 2012, Healthy Women, Healthy Liberia has transformed the face of healthcare in Liberia, providing health education, operating a medical clinic and training community health workers. In 2016, a women’s health clinic opened and now provides secure, sanitary space for Dr. Hena and her staff to implement preventative care programs that focus on improving maternal and infant health, improving the nutritional status of women and children, restoring and maintaining water and sanitation and reducing the incidence of non-communicable diseases.

Beyond medical care, Dr. Hena cares deeply about the souls of those who come into her clinics. The number of patients who are reading their Bibles, participating in Bible studies and attending community worship services is on the rise. She was recently in Memphis to receive the Methodist Healthcare Foundation Living Award for Inspiration in Faith and Health – International.

Dr. Hena welcomes any healthcare worker to serve alongside her to pass on new skills to community-based workers. To learn more about how you can get involved, contact Bob Whitsitt.

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