Happy New Year! Christ Church is kicking off 2013 by committing to read through the entire Bible in one year. Check out our webpage introducing you to this exciting journey that we are taking together. There you can find a number of different ways to find a Bible reading plan that suits you.

We will also keep you updated here on the Christ Church blog on resources that can help you along the way.The Holy Bible

A great place to find some study materials is The Lamppost Library here on the church campus. They have new Bible study resources to assist you with understanding certain passages or grasping the major themes and aspects of entire books and sections of Scripture.

As you read through the Bible in the coming year, you might find these books particularly helpful, all of which can be found in the library.

These deal with the big picture:

Perhaps the most readable, most enjoyable overview of the grand biblical story and our place within it.

Extremely readable and helpful introduction to the Old Testament, but it is about the whole biblical story spanning across both the Old and New Testaments.

Daily readings and studies all the way through the Bible.

A very concise overview of the entire biblical text.

These provide some more information on specific sections and books in the Bible:


Use Twitter hashtag #cumcbible13 to share your thoughts and insights!


Christ CollegeWhile you are planning your Bible reading, remember that the Christ College spring semester begins January 16. The elective course “How to Study the Bible” is being offered by Shane Stanford, Dr. Stan May, and Iva May. It would be a wonderful complement to your daily Bible reading. Click here for more information.


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