At Christ Church, we exist to make, mature, and mobilize disciples of Jesus Christ by
loving Jesus and loving like Jesus in the world. While many times that happens right here in Memphis, the call of Christ has global implications, and we are committed to reaching the nations with the gospel. This year, Christ Church will be taking trips to visit three of our partners: Bethlehem Bible College in Israel, New Life Children’s Home in Guatemala, and Yugo Ministries in Mexico. GO 2017 will take a look at these trips each Friday, continuing this week with Ty Garvey, Worship Coordinator for Student Ministries and The Table telling about his experiences in Mexico.


What will the team be doing this year in Mexico?

This year we will build homes for families in need. It is actually a quite remarkable and wonderful experience. When you show up to the work site on Monday morning there is literally just a concrete slab and a stack of lumber. By the time the day ends on Thursday, you have a completed house and are turning the keys of the new home over to the family that will be living there. It is an experience of servanthood that is unmatched.

This trip specifically is a family trip; what advice would you give to parents serving with their kids?

As always, it is important to lead by example. I think there is no greater way to instill the importance of being a servant to Christ than by modeling that yourself for you children. When they see you as a parent participating in these kinds of activities, and inviting them to participate in them alongside you, that can go a very long way in shaping them into the kind of people God desires them to be when they get older.

How have you seen God move on this trip?

I have seen God move in ways that make it undeniable that He is the God of the Church universal rather than simply the American church that I am accustomed to. I have seen God speak through our Mexican brothers and sisters to Pastor Shane in times of prayer and have heard them pray for and prophesy about things regarding him which they could not possibly have known had it not been for the Spirit of God informing them. God has used those times to make me feel like I am apart of something much larger than just being sent to Mexico to build homes for those who are financially less fortunate than I am.

What if I have never been on a mission trip before? What advice would you give to me?

Be prepared to receive far more than you give. God has a real ability to bless us while He is working through us to bless others. My advice would be to be open to what God is doing in the moment and to not take the small things (conversations and hugs) for granted, because God is very much in those moments.

Why should I give up a week of my summer to go to Mexico?

Because God can use the week to reveal His character to you, to display His love for you, and to display His love for the rest of the world. Once you see the ways in which God works, you are then more equipped to go and do likewise.


Don’t miss your chance to join part of this team going back to Mexico June 10-17! For more information, including cost and registration, visit Registration deadline is March 31.

Questions about the trip? Please contact Bob Whitsitt at

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