Jacob’s Well is a church based in uptown Memphis founded by Rev. Jamey Lee, a former pastor at Christ Church, who envisioned a congregation in which people from different racial, economic, and cultural backgrounds would come together in overcoming racism, addiction, and poverty as they grow in the gospel of Jesus.Jacob's Well

Living, working, and serving together by the principles of reconciliation, rehabilitation, reciprocation, the people of Jacob’s Well form a striking example of God’s grace and peace in our city.

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Jacob’s Well has been an important Local Missions partner ministry of Christ Church since 2010 when they were first organized as a United Methodist parish perched on the corner of the Highland Heights neighborhood.

The move to uptown Memphis a few years ago did not mean that the relationships and connections they had made in the neighborhoods further east would come to an end, however.

Over recent months, Jacob’s Well has redeveloped their presence along Summer and Jackson Avenues with their weekly “CPR” (Compassion Party on the Road) meal distribution routes.

Christ Church member Bobby Crenshaw has been involved in this process, and shares an amazing testimony about what happened through his connection to some young men he met while on CPR:

This has all been part of Jacob’s Well sensing a call to act upon these developing opportunities in order to invest deeper in the areas of Berclair, Nutbush, Highland Heights, and Mitchell Heights.

A neat confirmation of this call has come from the commitment of more than a hundred students from San Antonio who are coming to Memphis next week to lead block parties, day camps, and construction projects in these areas.

You are invited to come participate in the launching of this new season of ministry through Jacob’s Well:

It’s going to be hot, but it’s going to be even more enjoyable and meaningful!

The longterm goal is to build upon this week of catalyzing presence and activity in these neighborhoods into ongoing discipleship relationships.

One of the next steps is to develop CPR routes along Summer and Jackson Avenues beginning on Wednesday, July 1. If you’d like to participate in preparing meals or going with group to hand them out, contact admin@jacobswellmemphis.org

Drew & Bobby

Drew & Bobby


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