Guest post by CUMC member Ken Billings

Wall of desserts

Wall of desserts

There is really nothing as thrilling as the sound of 500 men singing at full voice, and Archers Chapel UMC is still echoing with the worship following the United Methodist Men’s annual fish fry. Bishop Bill McAlilly brought a strong message to the men at this recent event in Frog Jump, TN –including 24 from Christ Church.

If you missed it, here’s a ‘taste’ of what you missed: fried catfish, fried country ham, French fries and hushpuppies all  well-balanced by the vegetable selections: cole slaw and ketchup!  The “wall” of desserts was a foretaste of what the Heavenly Banquet may look like.

On the way back, however, we ran into a small snag– the bus broke down. Our driver, Bob Williams, was able to coast us into a derelict service station. We flagged down some of Ripley’s finest who offered us assistance. When the policeman called the Mayor to report a broken down bus and 24 Methodist men, he told him to render all possible assistance– they had enough Methodists to worry about already!

Our kind brothers and sisters at 1st UMC Ripley lent us their bus and supplied a couple of cars with drivers to get us home. Many, many thanks for their hospitality!

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