At Christ Church, we are blessed to partner and be in relationship with two great ministries that serve refugee families directly: World Relief and the Refugee Empowerment Program. Together, the two organizations serve directly with many of the refugees who have been resettled into the city. With all the news surrounding the current status of refugees, and in light of President Trump’s recent executive order, we wanted to present four easy ways for Christ-followers to respond:

  • Understand the Situation. I will spare all jokes about alternative facts, half-truths, and post-truth here and get to the point directly. Truth matters. Forming a Biblical worldview matters. Understanding something to the best of your ability before posting about it on social media or discussing it with friends, family, or co-workers matters. Take the time to understand the details of the refugee crisis here, as well as commonly asked questions about President Trump’s executive order here. On a local level, read Mayor Strickland’s response in The Commercial Appeal here.
  • Pray Boldly for Refugees. As Christ-followers, we must always begin with prayer. Refugees and other internationals in the city of Memphis are facing fears that many cannot comprehend or understand. Yet in the face of those fears, we serve a compassionate and sovereign God who cares deeply for the sojourner and exile, and we follow a Lord who teaches the importance of the Good Samaritan caring for the man on the side of the road. Our prayers must be in line with this heart of God. The Evangelical Immigration Table has a free, 40-day prayer journey through Scripture called I Was a Stranger that can be accessed here.
  • Give to Local Agencies Serving Refugees. President Trump’s executive order impacts directly the government’s federal aid provided to refugee resettling agencies. World Relief has responded by saying, “While governmental policy may change, our commitment to standing alongside the persecuted, displaced, and vulnerable remains firm- but we need your help.” Read the article and stand alongside World Relief financially here, or give toward the Refugee Empowerment Program here.
  • Get Going and Get Involved in the Lives of Refugees.  At World Relief, one can help assemble a Welcome Kit for new families, become part of a Good Neighbor Team that helps families adjust to American life, or work to teach English as an in-home conversation partner. At REP, one can help work with children after-school with homework, with pre-K and nursery care during the day, or teaching English to adults both during the day and at night. Our love and hospitality must not be distant, but in relationship and with our lives. Get going with World Relief here or with REP here.

While these are dark and fearful times for both refugees and the ministries that serve them, this is an incredible moment for the Church to shine in all of her glory. As a light to the world and a city on a hill, let the Church in Memphis come together to show refugees that they are welcome, and being made in the image of our Creator, are worthy of all love and dignity. We must not miss our moment.
More questions about ways to pray, give, or go to respond to refugees in Memphis? Contact Grant Caldwell.

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