Tuesday, May 10 | 6 p.m. | Wilson Chapel

Tuesday, May 17 | 6 p.m. | Stanford home, Germantown

Senior Pastor Shane Stanford invites you to learn more about this new initiative to provide a safe, informative and supportive culture for individuals and families dealing with emotional, relational, spiritual and physical health issues

“This will be a support, awareness and advocacy ministry approach,” Shane said. “The point is not to create a large ministry group, but for culture and paradigm shifts coupled with real world, practical help for those suffering with illness.”

At the info sessions, Shane will explain the CHURCH plan from Saddleback Church and invite you to be part of a core team to help us develop this new initiative.

Care about the Issues

Help with Practical Needs

Use Volunteers

Remove Stigma

Cultivate Collaboration

Provide Hope

Shane believes this initiative will help create a deeper, broader sense of health throughout our congregation by affecting the way we talk to one another, do life together, care about the primary issues of life and respond to crisis together.

No Whispers from CUMC Memphis on Vimeo.

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