Galatians 5:16 – 26

finally-free-galatiansToday we continued the Finally Free series, working through the book of Galatians. Shane’s question of the day:

Are we living faithful, not only as children of God, but in the power of the Holy Spirit, so we live fruitful lives for Him?

The power of the Holy Spirit convicts us from the inside out and reminds us that we can never be good enough on our own. But we know the One who is. Living by the world’s standards causes us to drift further from God until we follow our own wisdom to the extent we become our own god.

Shane cited three things we can do to live in the power of the Spirit.

  1. Live faithful in the Spirit by studying God’s Word. We know His power when we know His Word. Knowing the Bible is the beginning of knowledge of Him and being drawn into His will. Three reasons studying the Bible is important:
    1. It informs us of His purpose
    2. It warns us when we stray
    3. It nurtures the growth of His presence in our soul

    Search the Bible like shaking a tree for apples: first shake the whole tree, then the branches, then look for the apples that have fallen. Study book after book, chapter after chapter and verse by verse. The Word comes to life in us as we study it.

    We get out of God’s Word what we’re willing to put into its reading; study regularly and systematically and allow it to transform you life.

  2. We must be able to quiet our souls to watch and listen for God to speak into our lives. Always ask “What else?” He has to say to us.

    It’s not enough just to know the Bible, we must believe it, and believe in Christ as the Lord of our lives.

  3. Be willing to resist the adversary; Satan wants us to stop reading the Bible, so he can distract us. Does the Bible change the trajectory of your life?

    We know the One who holds tomorrow in the palm of His hands; that’s the power of the Holy Spirit; it changes everything.

We know the Answer to all; and the Answer to all knows us. Amen.

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