Galatians 3:1-25

finally-free-galatiansShane explained that Galatians was Paul’s first letter; he wrote it so that all would be prepared for Christ’s return. He connects with the Galatians in a deeply personal way; he has a deep love for them.

Paul is upset because the Galatians are living as if they are capable of fulfilling the law; to be good enough to justify themselves through their own obedience to the law.

In verses 23 – 24, Paul explains the reason for the law; it was to guard us before Christ was revealed. God gave it to use so that we would become righteous — it was the way in which we were to be prepared to be in relationship with Christ.

Paul explains that the law had three purposes:

  1. It frames our sin against the backdrop of God’s righteousness as we compare ourselves to the Ten Commandments. The first two commandments draw a distinction between how the world works and how we are to live.
  2. The law provides a glimpse into the futility of our works. It’s impossible for us to keep the law by ourselves.
  3. The law provides guardrails of obedience and gives us boundaries. We can’t stay on the right road by ourselves, we’ll slide off into a ditch. The law gives us boundaries to keep us centered.

The power in the law is that it reminds us of the difference between the world’s standards and God’s.

We’ll never know enough about the Bible, never be close enough to God or one another and there will never be enough prayer. The law directs us to find our way to God, but we cannot do it on our own.

Verses 25 – 29 tell us that, now that faith has come, we’re adopted by God. We’re all one in Him and we become heirs to His promises. Jesus fulfills those promises for us — now it’s up to us to love Him and to love like Him.

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