Eikon Ministries is a ministry that serves in the Binghampton neighborhood. With a vision to change the urban community from the inside out, Eikon began working to build leaders who live in and are vested in the community. Eikon hopes to provide resources, role models, and a vision to empower the residents of Binghampton to positively impact our community, on our way to impacting the world. Christ Church has been partnered with Eikon Ministries for several years, and are thankful for their commitment to bringing the gospel to Binghampton.

One example of that partnership is the longterm commitment of Matthew Crosby and his family. Matthew currently serves on the board at Eikon, and continues to mentor and disciple Dorian Moore. Matthew tells of his relationship with Dorian beginning with feeling a need to do something outside of himself and family. He started with a call to Soup Campbell, Executive Director at Eikon. Matthew told Soup, “I need to find something I can do outside of my family and myself.  I’d like to help kids in less favorable situations than the kids I see day on a day-in-day-out basis in my life.” He then shared an important qualifier, “You need to know that I am not very dependable or reliable as far as being able to come to a certain place at a certain time each week.  I need something super flexible because I travel a lot with work and when I am not traveling, I typically work a lot of hours, and I don’t know exactly which days I can actually be free, until that day arrives – do you have anything I can do through Eikon?”

Soup found the perfect role for Matthew: co-mentoring a student with another staff member of Eikon. Matthew met Dorian 8 years ago, and there relationship continues today. The two started out as getting together on weekends and hanging out at their house and/or going to movies or Putt Putt with his buds from Eikon. They have stayed in touch as he went from Lester Middle to theCollegiate School of Memphis, and is now a junior at the University of Memphis and doing great.  He still comes over to hang out, spends the night (and recently for a few weeks prior to school starting) with us, does laundry, eats dinner, goes to events, and unfortunately cheers against our sports teams – that’s really the one area we have not been able to get a lot of agreement on.

When asked about Dorion,  Matthew said, “He has been a true blessing to me and my family ever sense and has been a great Christian example to Will.  We joke about the mentor thing now because he is really more like family, and I am not sure I really ever “mentored” him anyway. He was smart enough to skip me, and seek wise counsel from the wise counselor in our family, Jeanne.”

Do you have the desire to mentor or disciple a student? Eikon’s programming includes group activities of basketball teams, dance classes, bible studies, as well as the ability to mentor one-on-one.

For more information, stop by the Parlor this Sunday, October 6 or contact Grant at GrantC@ChristChurchMemphis.org

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