Lee Still never could have known how a game of basketball 12 years ago would turn into more than a decade of serving East High students. His plan was simply to hang out with guys during their free time at the FCA/East High Football Camp. Yet he saw something amazing happen that weekend and knew it was something he had to be part of going forward.

Lee continues to serve the East High football players, co-spearheading the yearly camp, helping with pre-game meals and developing relationships. “They’re no different than my son or my daughter,” Lee said. “They’re going through the same struggles as everybody is when you’re that age. I don’t always have the right thing to say, but I listen. And sometimes just listening is what they need because that’s what they’re missing.”

Lee said the lesson he’s learned is simply show up, be intentional and God will use the gifts He’s given you. “I’m different today because I’ve served, and I’ll be different tomorrow because I’ll continue to serve,” he said. “I’m always looking for opportunities to do that. Seasons change, times change, sometimes you have to move from one ministry to the next. But God will always use you if you are open.”

Are you looking for somewhere to serve? Contact Andrew Grissom to find out how to use your gifts and passions to serve others.

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