Fear Not!

If you were to sum up the life of Dr. Chris Hena, CUMC’s partner in Liberia, you could say hers is a life lived by faith in place of fear. Chris is a survivor of her country’s civil war, a member of the underground church in the former Soviet Union, a smuggler of Bibles under the watchful eyes of the KGB and one who spent her medical career serving those affected by nuclear testing and the resultant fallout of radiation. Today she is back in her home country of Liberia implementing a framework for community-based health and education. Since 2012, Healthy Women, Healthy Liberia has moved from a tent to serving more than 17,000 patients.

This past Sunday, we had the privilege of hearing Dr. Hena’s heart as she stepped into Tom Fuerst’s shoes and preached at The Table. She picked up with The Table’s theme of Breaking the Chains and delivered God’s Word from Exodus 6:1-12. She reminded us that even though Pharaoh didn’t listen, the people feared further hardship as God worked to deliver them. Moses himself doubted what God had called him to do, but even in the midst of our doubts we can still stand on God’s covenant promises. Dr. Hena admitted some of her own fears along the way and challenged us to consider what God may be calling us to do and to examine the fears that may be holding us back. She reminded us that when we replace our fears with faith, we get to see God at work. Just as God did with Moses and the Israelites, He is still in the business of breaking chains. He promises deliverance, and if He calls us…He will provide.

Dr. Hena has been in the US since January 29 and visited four different states, with more to come. As she finished her message, she noted that the main thing she has seen in the American church is fear. She challenged us to consider the fears we may face and reminded us to take it to Jesus who will deliver us from fear and will replace it with faith and His strength. 

To learn more about Healthy Women, Healthy Liberia visit  healthywomenliberia.org.

Medical personnel interested in serving with Dr. Hena? Contact Bob Whitsitt at bobw@cumcmemphis.org.

Listen to Dr. Hena’s message here.  

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