This summer, Douglass Cornerstone Ministries, a youth ministry in the Douglass community of North Memphis, celebrated a week of summer camp with many of their students. The ministry desires to foster commitments to youth and families that promote stability and assert hope in the Douglass community. Christ Church began a connection and partnership with Douglass Cornerstone through the passion of Sallie Grant and Marilyn Thweatt. They came alongside the work Mia Pete, Executive Director of Douglass Cornerstone, is doing with children in the Douglass community.

These two champions leveraged a matching grant opportunity from the church to be able to provide additional financial support to the ministry to send children from the community to camp. In addition to now having 30 new members connect to the ministry, Christ Church member Mindy Grant was able to serve as a chaperone for the week of camp. The week of camp was an answered prayer for both Douglass Cornerstone and Mindy. Here is Mindy’s account of the week:

As some of you may know, I had the awesome opportunity to go to camp this past July. Douglass Cornerstone had been praying for another chaperone, and I had been praying for a camp to attend. This was a silent prayer that no one knew about. Those prayers were answered for all involved.

These children could only attend a week at camp because of the faithful support from donors. These children were taught life skills that they would have otherwise not have known. They were given a priceless opportunity to spend a week away from their homes, neighborhoods and the influences they are exposed to on a daily basis. They were given friendship with trusted adults and each other–things that we could so easily take for granted.

A skit was performed during camp about family violence and broken homes that really touched my heart. We can all identify with this on some level, whether we know those in a bad place, we ourselves are there, or we might be assisting someone who is. Family dysfunction is in every church and neighborhood. These children were carrying more than they could ever express.

Do you have a passion for teenagers and students and are interested in connecting with this great ministry in the Douglass community? Contact Grant Caldwell for more information.


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