CUMC at Ensenada
Last week, Christ Church demonstrated with great enthusiasm how we engage in our mission as global citizens who are called by God to go, to reach, and to even journey if necessary to be faithful internationally even as we are faithful here at home.

CUMC at EnsenadaA team of 120 CUMC members and friends just returned from Ensenada, Mexico where they built eight houses for families in need and led VBS activities for many of the children in their communities.

It was a rich, wonderful time of living in community, serving, and worshiping together as our Christ Church team rejoined our friends in Ensenada for another year.

Thank you to everyone who went and allowed themselves to be used by God for such good purposes!

Our prayer is that God, who went before you, will honor your efforts as you return home and do much more through this week–in you and through you–than you thought possible.CUMC at Ensenada

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