The ministry world is quite adept at putting on all kinds of conferences all the time.

Open up any Christian magazine or glance at social media sites and you’re likely to be bombarded by advertisements for conferences that are grabbing for your attendance.

And I’m not much for conferences, really.

I know what it’s like to give your time and money to a series of discussions and presentations and then to look back and The Urban Summit 2014have to admit it not being worth what was sacrificed to attend.

The Urban Summit is back at Christ Church for its fourth year, and every single year that I’ve attended the Urban Summit, it has been one of the best conferences I’ve given my time to.

And it’s only one Saturday morning and early afternoon one weekend in April.

Christ Church is hosting the Urban Summit again this year on April 5, from 8:30 to 1:30. Register at and come join us in Seabrook Hall on Saturday morning. Discount code CC29 will get you registration fee of only $29.

Aside from John Perkins, who we are honored to have speak to us once again this year, you’ll hear from Memphis’ own CEO of Youth Villages Pat Lawler and John Carroll of City Leadership, as well as a couple of dynamic leaders from urban ministries in other parts of the country–Patricia Talton from Northwest Leadership Foundation and D.A. Horton from ReachLife Ministries.

The Urban Summit is very important for CUMC, and it is a pleasure for us to be able to host it, because as a church we have chosen the city.

It is within the urban setting that we locate and practice our mission.

At the Urban Summit, you’ll truly learn and see in new ways what it means and what it can look like to dream, hope, and work as the body of Christ in Memphis.

Find out more and register online at

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