Next week, Christ Church is beginning a journey through what may be the best Bible study material available.

As we delve into the brand-new Covenant Bible Study, we will have our own Pastor Shane Stanford as our guide, who also features as a co-host of the video portions of the study.Covenant Bible Study

In these videos, we will listen in on Shane’s discussions with very competent and skilled biblical scholars, who will provide help with the interpretation of the texts.

In our reading, study, and discussions together at table groups, we will remember God’s establishment and his own faithfulness to covenant. We will even engage together in living in covenant. And, we will properly situate our hope for the future as we trust in the covenant.

Growing in our understanding of God’s covenant as we study the Bible together over 24 weeks will do more for your understanding of Scripture than perhaps anything else, but covenant is more than just a biblical theme or a theological idea.

It is about community. And our time together will show us how the Bible, the church, and even the relationship that God initiates with us are best understood–and lived–through the people around us.

As the developers of the study have put it,

Covenant Bible Study is designed so that the meaning of the Bible isn’t found in merely listening to a biblical scholar or listening to one’s own inner voice. Only through conversation in community, in the Covenant group meeting experience, can we discover the Bible’s transformative power.

A special commitment-free Preview Night of the material is going to be held tomorrow night, August 6, in Seabrook Hall beginning at 6 pm. You’re invited to come find out more about the study to see if you’d like to participate.

If you choose to join in, here’s how we going to share in this journey together, beginning Wednesday, August 13:

  • You can register by starting at, and the fee is $50, which provides the set of workbooks you will need to complete the study.
  • If you know which table group you’d like to join, you can note that during the registration process.
  • An optional, but encouraged, dinner together in Seabrook Hall begins at 5 pm each night of the study. It is $5 and reservations for dinner will need to be made by noon the Monday prior at 202-6061 or
  • The study begins at 6:00 at your table group in Seabrook Hall and will wrap up at 7:30.

Check out more details about the study at

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