One of the goals of CUMC’s affiliated partner Cornerstone Preparatory School – Lester Campus is to be a model for ensuring that a quality education is available to every child in our city and country, regardless of their race or Cornerstone Prep
Cornerstone Prep
Cornerstone PrepCornerstone PrepCornerstone Prepsocioeconomic status. They try to inspire schools, community members and churches to partner together in bringing this justice to low-income folks in our community and country.

Along those lines, CUMC recently received this update from Drew Sippel, Executive Director of Cornerstone Prep, regarding some of the folks who have been in their building recently or with whom they have connected. We are all fortunate that the word of Cornerstone’s work here is spreading around the city and is even having a national influence:

1. The field rep for Lamar Alexander and the education policy advisor for the state of TN came and said they were inspired to see what can happen with urban kids

2. The Center for Reinventing Public Education will visit later this month to observe and measure our success since opening

3. New America Media out of San Francisco has published an article about our work with common core,after coming to interview our school leaders, teachers and students. See the article here!

4. A principal from Ark spent a day with us and told us our work was “inspiring” and teachers “incredible” and that he was going back to make changes to his school that same day

5. A principal from Indianapolis spent half a day with us as she tries to build a similar school in her city

6. A person who spent a month observing and training with us while we were located in the church opened a school for low income kids in Nashville this fall

7. A community redevelopment expert in St Louis spent some time with us and told me he wanted to build a similar model in his community

8. An aspiring principal from Boston will come observe later this month

9. Chris Barbic, the ASD Superintendent, told me this week, “You guys need to open more schools”

Your support impacts 500 students in Binghampton but also reverberates throughout the city and the rest of the country. Thanks for supporting us so we can bring justice to Binghampton and try to inspire others to do the same in their neighborhood.

Cornerstone Field Day

Field Day at Cornerstone Prep – May 22, 2014

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