Cornerstone Preparatory School’s Lester Campus and Lester Preparatory School together serve 800 students pre-K through 8th grade in the Binghampton neighborhood. Since moving to Binghampton in 2012, Christ Church Memphis has supported the incredible work these educators and administrators do in the neighborhood.

This past Monday, classroom sponsors and other volunteers from Christ Church involved at the school came together to provide coffee and breakfast for the staff for Teacher Appreciation Week. The 150 teachers, administrators and facilities staff were able to start off their week with specialty coffees, muffins and cinnamon rolls. The event was led by Ashley Parks and Pearl Holland, whose JoyLife901 Ministry also serves as classroom sponsor for the two special needs classrooms at Cornerstone Prep.

This year, 15 different classrooms at Cornerstone Prep Elementary were sponsored by individuals, families, or Sunday school classes at Christ Church. These sponsors prayed for teachers and students, helped to meet financial needs in the classroom with different supplies, served alongside teachers and provided birthday and Christmas parties for students. Stay tuned! Our goal is to grow this ministry next year to those serving at Lester Prep Middle School.

Finally, if you are a teacher or educator serving students in Memphis, we are incredibly thankful for the work you do! While the church has made a strategic partnership in support of the teachers in Binghampton, your work does not go unnoticed. The hours are long and the grading might seem never-ending, but summer will be here soon! Keep pressing on and finish well, knowing that you are making an incredible difference in the lives of students you teach.

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